School of Myology

In collaboration with AFM we organize every year a school of myology. It is a school for sharing information, experience and knowledge on rare neuromuscular diseases, open especially to all medical profession.

Free Screenings

These screening are dedicated to the public, especially those people with suspicion of neuromuscular diseases. To allow anyone with rare genetic diseases who do not have the financial means to be diagnosed.

Also allow the organization to create the patient registry in Côte d'Ivoire. To have precise statistics which can help patients with better supervision and help with research. 


To celebrate the Rare Disease Day we organize every February 28 or 29 a conference bringing together patients – doctors – parents to inform and debate about rare diseases.

Rare Disease "City Tour"

We decided to establish this RD «Tour City» program to continue our action to meet the people of the distant regions of Cote d'Ivoire. Because rare diseases are not only located in the capital. Thus, a visit to the heads of departments would be profitable for all these patients that the country counts.

Work Pool

Nous avons trois (3) branches de groupes de travail.

  • A patient group
  • A group of doctors for more efficiency in our actions.
  • A group of volunteers

These groups are led by people with expertise in neuromuscular diseases and of course involved and concerned with rare pathologies.

Awareness tools

We have a blog on our website talking about and explaining some neuromuscular diseases already diagnosed in Cote d'Ivoire.

We have also documents and leaflets that we distribute.

The media (radio, television) and social networks are also the tools for awareness.

Learn to manage better your rare neuromuscular disease.

events to follow around the world.